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Shop Local Boston Avenue

Shop Local Boston Avenue

Why shop local? It’s convenient! You help support local businesses. You invest in your community. It helps create demand for local jobs. There are great deals to be found. You’re likely to find quality products. Items and food are more likely to be sustainably sourced. There’s more chance of finding the weird, wonderful and quirky.…MORE

Q94 & Judice’s 1927 Name That Appetizer Contest!

Today’s Best Music Q94 & Judice’s 1927 want to give you FREE DINNER FOR 10 at Judice’s 1927!! All you’ve got to do is come up with the best name for their new appetizer! It’s baked oysters on a half shell with garlic butter & parmesan cheese (see pic below). Sounds delicious huh?!?!? Click here…MORE

Ed Sheeran Secret Show Canceled

Due to Ed Sheeran testing positive for Covid, his in-person appearances have been cancelled, including the secret show to which we were giving away a trip via a nationwide contest. At this point in time, we will not be able to draw a grand prize winner, however, if his secret show gets rescheduled, we will randomly…MORE

The 5 O’Clock Jam!

It’s the all new “5 O’clock Jam” on your drive home with Patrick SandersMORE

FCC Applications

LOCAL PUBLIC NOTICE ANNOUNCEMENTS   03/09/2021:    There are no pending applications that require online public notice.MORE

Community Calendar

elcome to the Cumulus Community Calendar! If you are a Non-Profit Group or Organization submit your event at least two weeks in advance. Send us your PSA!MORE

Accomplishments and history of Pat Summitt

Accomplishments and history of Pat Summitt

For four decades, the University of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball program was among the nation’s elite and, in the process, changed the way women’s collegiate hoops has been perceived across the country. No one did a better job of managing what goes on inside the 94×50 rectangle known as a collegiate basketball court than the…MORE

Memorable videos of Pat Summitt

Memorable videos of Pat Summitt

Here are some of the memorable videos of Pat Summitt throughout her career and life including a championship game win in its entirety.  MORE